The book

The Accidental Landlord: The keys to letting out your own property with complete peace of mind

Who can you trust to look after your property? How can you have peace of mind when letting it out for the first time — especially if it’s been your own home?

The Accidental Landlord takes the worry out of letting. It gives you the knowhow to navigate the post-Brexit world of jittery prices, tax changes and 140-plus landlord laws. And it shows you how to succeed, even using your property as your first step to financial freedom.

Packed with toe-curling but true stories to learn from, this easy reference guide breaks down the lettings process into five Ps:

  • Plan Straight-talking advice on financing, tax and estate agents
  • Property Market like a pro — plus all the legal musts
  • People How to find — and keep — good tenants
  • Paperwork The essentials on contracts, deposits and notices
  • Practicals Your 10 most common maintenance problems solved

It covers all the boxes you have to tick, summarised in one handy checklist. When the time comes, it tells you how to buy — and sell — more property, with a dash of wit throughout.


The Accidental Landlord is the best guide to being a landlord I’ve read. It will answer all the questions you didn’t even know you had to ask.Helen Davies | Home editor, The Sunday Times
Many like to paint themselves as experts on the housing market, but few really make the cut. In The Accidental Landlord, Martina and Daniel, true experts, share their deep knowledge and extensive experience of the rental market. A charming read and essential guide for new investors.Johnny Morris | Research director at Countrywide, Britain's biggest estate agents
A must-read for any landlord wanting a step by step guide on how to rent out and manage a property yourself. Full of practical advice, tips and some humour along the way.Jo Eccles | Managing director of the buying agency Sourcing Property and weekly property columnist for The Metro newspaper
A well laid out, easy to read and understand road map which will help you navigate your way through the often complex and highly regulated field of letting your property. It is a reference tool which will reduce the stress of letting your home to a complete stranger.Chris Cooper | Co-founder of the Tenant Tax campaign, which lobbies the government over buy-to-let tax changes with the help of Cherie Blair, and owner of 15 buy-to-let properties
The UK rental market is dominated by accidental landlords, many of whom struggle to keep on top of their responsibilities. This book will provide an invaluable guide to help accidental landlords be confident, knowledgeable and professional landlords, which is good news for them, and great news for their tenants.Matt Hutchinson | Director of house and flatshare site
Renting out a London property is a course of action many of our members choose when moving out of London. Becoming a landlord might initially seem like an easy option but renting out your much-loved family home can be really daunting. This book will be a fantastic aid, ensuring the paperwork is up to scratch and all eventualities are considered. Martina Lees has an effortless style, writing in a clear and approachable manner, and Daniel adds industry-specific knowledge with his years of experience in dealing with lettings, landlords and tenants. It’s an informative book that will quickly prove invaluable to many accidental landlords.Belinda Aspinall | Founder of, an advice forum on moving out of the capital
A very readable book which helped me navigate my way in new and unfamiliar territory. I found the personal anecdotes really brought the book to life and made it feel very relevant to me.Susan Peacock | Founder of LiveWorkWell consultancy and first-time landlord
The must-have property guide for any accidental or intended landlord. To the point with no blabber, Daniel and Martina’s book is packed with useful advice that will sharpen even the seasoned landlord.

Essential if you have just bought or are about to buy your first rental property, yet it will lift your game if you have been around the block in the buy-to-let industry.Eugene Brazelle | Director of Global Invest property brokers

Daniel and Martina confidently clear a path through the property jungle, pointing out all the lions and tigers, who, yes, might kill you along the way! If you are brave enough to join the trip, it is going to change your life.Jonathan Moss | Founder of Moss and Co estate agents and property professional since 1992
As a new landlord I found this read incredibly empowering. A wealth of experience shared in an easy to read, well laid out ‘lettings bible’. It’s packed with great examples and additional references. There’s nothing else out there like it!Jens Wittrowski | Accountant and accidental landlord