How to deal with landlord insurance claims

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Don’t leave a gap when it comes to insurance claims

Almost all landlord insurance policies require you to inform the insurer immediately (or ‘put them on notice’) in the event of a potential claim. Doing this too late could give your insurer grounds to refuse or reduce your claim. Don’t leave that gap: tell them quickly and do it in writing. If you’re not certain there will be a claim, contact your insurer or broker anyway just to check.

Submitting a claim can sap your will to live with endless forms and hapless call-centre staff, only to hear ‘Computer says no’ many months later. This is where having bought via a broker can prove extremely useful: they can help you submit a claim.

If you feel you have a valid claim that insurers have rejected, contact the Financial Ombudsman Service for advice on how to complain (financial-

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