Good, bad or ugly: 20 questions to choose the best lettings agent

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Lettings agents don’t have the best of names. (You have two bullets. Who do you shoot: the lawyer, the insurance salesman or the estate agent? The estate agent – twice, just to make sure.) Yet there are some excellent high-street agencies that could prove invaluable. Their biggest benefit is that – for a fee – they take care of all … Read More

How to choose an online lettings agent

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If you self-manage your rental property, you can use the new generation of online lettings agents to advertise your property. They can, however, take care of a whole lot more: some offer full management at a mere 3% of your rent. Tempted? Though there are brands with excellent reviews ( and and well-funded players ( and, there are also … Read More

Do you really need a lettings agent?

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To manage or not to manage, that is the question. Do you let and manage your rental property yourself – there are plenty of new online services that can help – or use an agent? And how on earth do you find a good one? There are lots of scary stories of agents who take your money but do a … Read More