Lettings marketing guide: Write your property advert like a human (not an estate agent)

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Legend tells of one estate agent who described a driveway as a ‘multi-vehicular block paviour parking facility’. That is not the sort of description you want in your advert. Edit out the syrup (see jargon buster below), but make sure you include everything a tenant really wants to know: Where? State not only the area (and don’t call it central … Read More

Lettings marketing guide: Why you should use floorplans to market your rental property

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Historically floorplans have been used to market property sales and higher-end rentals but they are becoming more common – for good reason: they’re an invaluable marketing tool for all lets. Floorplans only need to be done once, but can help a would-be tenant work out whether the property is right for them or not, saving both your time and theirs. … Read More