Five ways to raise capital for a buy-to-let property investment

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Raising capital is often the biggest hurdle to property investment. To cover your buy-to-let deposit, purchase fees and refurbishment costs, you could: Save. That’s the obvious answer. Avoid lifestyle inflation and put your cash aside instead. Remortgage. If your property has risen in value – because you’ve improved it or the market has gone up – you can withdraw that … Read More

Ten musts for your tenancy agreement

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What an assured shorthand tenancy agreement means In almost all lets you’ll have an assured shorthold tenancy agreement, or AST, by law. That gives you and your tenant certain rights and duties that you can’t wriggle out of, even if you scribble ‘this is not a tenancy’ in big red letters all over your contract or you don’t have a … Read More

Landlord law: The serious stuff you must do to keep tenants safe

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Gas safety checks, electrical tests, smoke detectors… Before you roll your eyes at the miles of red tape landlords have to disentangle, here is why it’s necessary: The £250 fire door that cost five lives A young couple, their baby son and their young niece and nephew all burnt to death trapped in their first-floor flat in Prestatyn, north Wales, … Read More

Avoid the No1 landlord mistake: create a property business plan

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What’s the biggest mistake new landlords make? We have asked that question to many experts, and here’s the resounding answer: beginners don’t think of their property as a business. For accidental landlords who see their property as their home, the shift is even harder. But to make a success of letting out your property, that shift is essential. Your rental property is probably … Read More

How to negotiate property lettings like a pro

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To achieve the highest possible rent, good negotiation is key. Here knowledge truly is power: the best lettings negotiators give nothing away while trying to establish as many key facts from the tenant as possible. Don’t reveal any of your main drivers. Where an agent is letting your property, don’t disclose any personal facts to them – they may not … Read More

How to dress your rental property

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To achieve the highest possible rent and attract the best tenants, you need to reduce barriers – tackle any issues that will deter tenants – and make it attractive by taking positive steps to style the property. It can be hard to see the faults in your own property, especially if you’ve lived there and are used to the funny smells and décor. Ask … Read More

Why we should scrap leasehold property

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Lisa and Ray Chapple, aged 34 and 35, bought their three-bedroom terrace off plan only seven years ago, but say they would now “struggle to sell”. That’s because their house in Taylor Wimpey’s Speakman Gardens scheme, in Liverpool, is leasehold with a clause stating that the ground rent of £250 a year will double every decade for 50 years — … Read More

Sunday Times coverage: How to let your spare room

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Looking for tax-free rental income? Follow these rules and it’s elementary Forget Rigsby. The typical owner who lets out their spare room is no longer a miserly live-in landlord like the one from the 1970s sitcom Rising Damp — fiftysomething and long since separated, spying on his bedsit tenants. Nowadays, they’re likely to be younger and struggling to afford the … Read More

How to screen tenants before viewings

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If you plan to do your own viewings, it helps to ask the prospective tenant a few screening questions over the phone before they view. This will not only give you a better feel for the tenant, but it will also save your time and theirs: you can avoid wasted viewings by highlighting any deal breakers early on. Some good … Read More